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Trap, also known as Down the Line or DTL

Trap is one the most popular clay target disciplines shot in Australia.

Trap targets are launched from a trap house which houses a single trap machine with the shooters positioned fifteen meters behind the throwing arm of the trap. On the call of the shooter, the trap releases a single target that is released in a going away direction from the shooter. The targets are thrown at a fixed height, but with random left to right angles. (22.5 degrees either side of centre.) However the shooter does not know the angle of the target when called, for standard Trap competition the shooter is permitted two shots at a single target, this is commonly known as “Double Barrel”. However, Trap can be shot in many different forms, i.e. Single Barrel, where one shot only is permitted at the target. Continental Trap, where the elevation is varied as well as the left to right angles and Double Rise, where two targets are released simultaneously each at 22.5 degrees left or right of centre. A standard round consists of 25 targets, however, many combinations of lots of 5 targets or pairs are shot.

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